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Perfect! Thanks for the tips, Robert. Didn't even need simplify! convert(%,trig) and combine(%,trig) did the trick. Separate you (or anyone else) know how to solve for M (I1,I2,I3,I4) using I1 := M*(1-a*exp(-I*theta))/(1-b*cos(theta)) I2 := M*(1-a*I*exp(I*theta))/(1+b*sin(theta)) I3 := M*(1+a*exp(-I*theta))/(1+b*cos(theta)) I4 := M*(1+a*I*exp(I*theta))/(1-b*sin(theta)) 4 knowns: I1,I2,I3, and I4, 4 unknowns: M, a, b, and theta I want to get to solve for M in terms of I1,I2,I3, and I4 (eliminating a, b, and theta) Mike
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