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Yes, p was local. Problem solved. Thanks!

Well, I didn't know Maple worked like that. Makes no sense. To say that the value of x is 3 is one thing, but that subs(x=4,3) should return 4 is awkward, even worse than the example I had. 3 is a number on its own, it is not identical to x.

@vv Ah, "degree". Thanks!

@vv Please see the edited question

@Carl Love

I am sorry, but I am not sure how to use this. My problem is the syntax in passing the variables.

Something like

n:=4; for m from 1 to 2 do

doesnt work, and somethink like

n:=4; for m from 1 to 2 do

also doesnt work. How should I do this?

@Carl Love 

Thanks everyone for the help, especially this nice CartProdAdd procedure. Maple should come with this built in!

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