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Good Morning,

Would anybody be kind to help me with the attached worksheet. Most of the worksheet worked except for the last procedure where I was trying to call a procedure called cog that output the center of gravity of a concrete block xyzc in another procedure called Inertia. Please, how do I acheived this in Maple.



Good Morning,

How do I do a linear interpolation in Maple if I have the following list below

v := 1.7 is the value in R

R := [1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0,10]

X := [1.87, 2.11, 2.31,2.63, 3.04, 3.53]

c1 :=BSpline(R, X, v) (Is this correct) because I did not get the expecting X value

Please Help.



Good Morning,

Would anybody be kind to help me with the attached Maple worksheet. My goal is to use Maple procedure to generate all the equations and then solve the equations for all the variables. Also, I have attached the PDF file on the paper I'm trying to develope, the equations are on page 8. Please Help.



Good Afternoon,

Would anyone help on how to assign equations in a list to an index variables in a list. Below is my equations.

Eq := [seq(A[i], i=3..n)] = [seq(M[i -1]*a/(6*E*Ipile) + 2*M[i]*a / (3*E*Ipile) + M[i + 1]*a / (6*E*Ipile) - (Delta[i - 1] - Delta[i]) / a - Delta[i] - Delta[i + 1] / a ) = 0 ), i=3..n)]


When I tried the above, I was expecting Maple to assign A[3]  to the first equation in the list on the right hand side and so on, but instead I was getting an error message.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Attached is copy of worksheet developed in MathCAD that I would like to develop in Maple. I have copy and paste what I developed in MathCAD into a Maple worksheet to see if any body can guide me. I have posted previously an excel file with Canadian steel sections on Mapleprimes. My goal is to be able to auto select  a  steel section from the database into Maple for computation.

Please, would anyone guide me as to how to develop the attached worksheet into a Maple worksheet.




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