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Hi all,

I am trying to display, using mathML, two seperate fractions being multiplied as two seperate expressions with a multiuply in the middle.

as of now I have:


The above Maple entry displays as:

I would like:


thanks in advance,


Hi all,


I am looking for a boolean logic check to see if a rational expression is simplified.

For example: x/x^2  =  1/x  I want something along the lines of issimplified(x/x^2)=FALSE

Similarily, (x^2-x-12)/(x-4) = x+3  so I would like some logic test to say (x^2-x-12)/(x-4) is NOT simplified.


Thanks in advance,


Hi all,

I am trying to have the following display correctly....



XMLTools[Print](MathML[Export](ans1;ans2);  THIS IS THE PROBLEM LINE:  I know why this is a problem but need a work around.

Essentially I would like to display:  ans1 ; ans2,  i.e with a semicolon between the two answers.

I am trying to construct a random set of angles measured in degrees with pairs that are the equivalent in radians.  for example [0,0],[90,Pi/2],[-30,-Pi/6],etc...  but completely random.

so far I have the following:

a := rand(-90 .. 90);
seq([a(i), convert(a(i)*degrees, radians)], i = 1 .. 4);

the trouble is it appars it is randomizing a both times it is called in the sequence.  I would like to have it randomize for each iteration in the sequence.

thanks in advance.

Hello I have the following small piece of code.


which exports sin(theta)=.25, how do I force the 0 to display.



why does the following fail:

sol:=solve([cot(x)=2,x>=0,x<2*Pi],x,AllSolutions, Explicit);

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