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How can I save the simulation data from a MapleSim model into a file?
How can I record the 3D visualization that MapleSim produces? (into an .avi file, for example)

Whenever I have 2 instances of the rotational move block in a model, mserver.exe crashes when I try to run the simulation. Why is this?

I want to define the inertia matrix of a body within a subsystem as a subsystem parameter. I can define constants (like mass), but I cant define the 3x3 inertia matrix. It looks like MapleSim returns a dimensional error when I try to simulate the model. How can I assign the inertia of the rigid body to a parameter?

I am trying to create a Simulink component block from a MapleSim subsystem. I have one input to the subsystem, and the Specified Inputs and Outputs section of the MapleSim Connector worksheet also shows that the subsystem has one input. However, When I export the model to Simulink, there is no input port, just one output. How can I fix this?

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