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@Tim Vrablik 

I am using MapleSim 4. The input is a timeseries of rotation data (for one axis of the prescribed rotation block). The outputs (they do show up just fine) are all of the output data from the absolute rotation and translation sensors.
When I have 2 or more rotational move blocks in a subsystem that I try to export to a simulink block, the mserver.exe also fails. If I have 1 of these blocks, I get an error that one of the inputs is not defined in the system, even though I have successfully run the system with no errors.
It seems that the simulation will run without problems if I add 1 Rotational Move block at a time in between running the simulation. But if I save a model that has simulated succesfully with more than 1 Rotational Move block and then load it into MapleSim and try to simulate the same exact model, mserver.exe crashes again.

@Tim Vrablik 

Sorry, I can't upload the model. I was just hoping for some ideas on places to start troubleshooting. I have been able to do some of the examples which do have input ports, so I dont think it is a MapleSim error. Are there types of inputs or blocks in MapleSim that would have inputs in MapleSim but turn into initial conditions in Simulink or something like that?
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