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These are questions asked by nadjet

Hi all,

can anyone  indicate me how display  1O^-5 and not 1/100000 on the vertical axis?

Thanks in advance

Dear all,

Can anyone help me to adjust the plot data containing (10^-xxxxxxxx)

EX: [3 10^-3967, 5 10^-1924, 4 10^-7315...................]

Thanks in advance.

Dear all,

I developed a program to solve f(x, y) = 0 and g(x, y) = 0, I obtained as results (x=2.726, y=2.126) . running the same program another time it gives (x=2.762, y=1.992). how to explain this?

> fsolve({f(x, y) = 0, g(x, y) = 0}, {x = 0 .. infinity, y= 0 .. infinity});

Thanks in advance.

can someone tell me how can I derive and solve d(g1(x))=0 a complicated function as

I tried with the instructions simplify and combine but without results.

Thanks in advance.



I have a large program and when i add a line, i obtain as result [La longueur de sortie dépasse la limite de 1% noeuds]. pLease, can someone help me to continue my program.

Thanks in advance.

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