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The Historgram( ) function is the combination of a binning computation and a visualization of the result of the binning computation. In order to generate any histogram you need to know the set of bin boundaries and the number of counts in each bin.


These bin boundaries look like: bin_bounds := [[`x__1,min`, `x__1,max`], [`x__2,min`, `x__2,max`], () .. (), [`x__N,min`, `x__N,max`]]where there are N bins in total.

The counts data looks like: counts := [H__1, H__2, () .. (), H__N]where there are N bins in total.


The Histogram( ) command passed this data around internally. Can I have Histogram( ) output this data? In other words, can I get the x-y data from the histogram, the bins-counts data?

Download counts_and_bins_data_output_from_histogram().mw


In Maple 2024,

can I change the location of the color bar caption in Maple 2024? It conflicts with the color bar labels sometimes. See the attached maple sheet for an example.

Is there a shortcut in Maple that will comment out a block of highlighted code? I tried searching on Mapleprimes but everytime I search I get a page generation error.

See attached worksheet in Maple 2023.

This example is taken from the Maple help page. I want to 'zoom in' on a plot3d object. The only way I have found was from responses [1] on the maple primes forum. It uses InlinePlot and the scale option to perform the 'zoom in'. Since InlinePlot generates the plot in terms of XML there is no graphic out, only a text based output. In order to reconstitute the InlinePlot as a plot object I can view visually I need to use some additional commands from the DocumentTool package. This is all great but the output, which in our case is P3, is not a plot object and therefore cannot be exported as a png. Is there a way to convert the InlinePlot with the scaling applied back to a typical plot object so I can export it as a .png, using Export("output_plot.png",P3,base=worksheetdir)?


Can I export a Table as an image like .png, where Table is defined (with DocumentTools)? See Maple worksheet for example.

Why would anyone want to do this? It all started because I wanted to include a color bar(with a specific color range) in my 3dplot. There is no native way to do this with plot3d so I searched Maple Primes for alternative strategies. One strategy is to generate the 3d plot and the color bar(with plot3d) seperately, then combine the plots in a table so they sit side by side, using with(DocumentTools). I have been almost successful with this strategy. There remain two outstanding problems. 1. I can't re-size the table cells since there are no such options with(DocumentTools). The color bar should have a smaller cell because the figure itself is tall and thin. 2. I need to export this combined object as an image(.png) but its a table with plot objects inside, and not itself a plot object and therefore one can't simply export it as a .png like one would a typical plot object. Is there a way to export this table as a png? I am beginning to think that my idea of combining  plots with document tools and attempting the export the resulting table is not feasible. How does a normal person add a custom-color-range color bar to their plot? I'm not trying to move the earth here but it certainly feels like it.


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