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@mmcdara This solution is enough for me. thank you very much for your efforts

@Carl Love wow Ok. thank you very much.

@Preben Alsholm wow Ok. thank you very much.

@Preben Alsholm Dear Alsholm, why did my graph draw such broken lines

@Preben Alsholm Thank you for your help

@Carl Love No, x is not a constant and 0<x<1, 0<t<1.  I have no idea about color levels.

Thank you for your answer.

@vv thank you very much it is enough for me.

@vv ok but how can i show the 

It has to give it. My differential equation longer and complex so simplification is not what I want. 

@vv Firstly, thank you for your reply. My problem starts with applying this to the differential equation

(my approach requirement)

solve(%, f[3](x));
After these commands I expect it to give 


Can you look at the maple file?

Thanks in advance.fraccdif.mw

@vv thank you for your answer.  I am using alpha (using palette) but gives alpha~.

@Thomas Richard thank you very much

@Kitonum thank you very much 

@Kitonum ok but i want to see value of t on the graphic. 

Thank you very much Dear @Ramakrishnan.

Actually my question was very simple because i wanted to plot a function u(x,y,z,t) that is a wave solution of partial differential equation. x,y,z are coordinates and t is a time variable. Finally i used plot3d command and my problem disappeared.

Thank you  for  your  effort.  Best regards.



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