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I focued on getting inverse kinematics solution for 2 and 3 DOF before with the help MapleSim developers. They published them online; so you can reach them. I am currently trying to get inverse kinematic soltuion of a 4 DOF manipulator but no success. Please share your results if you have any progress with us.



Hi Graham,

I have an artificial intelligence algorithm which is applied to a simple two legged robot. Something strange is happening. The reward function is (1-cos(swingAngle))/0.1077 where swing angle converges to -0.38. In this case I was expecting to see the reward value at steady state 0.6624. However, the reward is 0.995. I changed the reward function but the result is still miscalculated. (Please see the file. instantRewardSwingLeg is the reward function modelica custom component, reward plot is the reward figure.). Could you advise me how to get rid of this problem?

Another thing is I need to reinitialize the both legs' angles/velocities when the swing leg hits the ground and the angles reach the value  (both swing and support) that are appropriate for walking. Basically based on the number of measurements I need to reinitialize the both legs for the next steps. Could you help me for this please.

Here is the file RLHumanoidRobotFull3.msim

Thanks for your help...

Thanks Joe, after the changes based on your suggestion, the above error appears now. There is no diagnostic information about the error. Here is the file RLApplicationPendulu.msim . Thanks for your helps...

Hi Joe,

This time I have the above error. I changed compiller to false but the error is consistent. We are using pre() function and zero order hold, I assigned 0.01s time interval for these and also I changed to adaptive false by assigning 0.01 time interval. Do you think this is appropriate or this causes problem? Here is the file RLApplicationPendulu.msim. Thanks for your kind helps...

Thanks Joe, I managed to generate and combine all the components today. I have this error "cannot resolve theta_r_2, there is no theta_r_2 in Main". What does this error mean? I tested all the components before generate them, I did not have this kind of error. Here is the file as well RLApplicationPendulu.msim. There is theta_r which is a vector in basisFunction model. There is not anymore...

Thanks Joe, I am uploading it.PendulumReinforcemen.msim For connection, for example flange_a is input for the basisFunction and output of this function goes to basisFunctionPrevious input. Moreover basis function output goes to value function input together with criticParamPrevious.

Again thanks for your help...

Hi Joe,

I created all the Modelica and other custom components yesterday and I started connecting these custom components. Everything was fine. Today, I tried to connect them again, but I could not and I reinitiated the MapleSim 5. This time it did not open the file and give this message "Invalid File Format". Do you know what the proble is?. Components are not connected each other and now I cannot open even the file...


Here, basically V[n] will be assigned as an input for the new Modelica Custom Component (which is the output of the basisFuncion previously described). One more question, the model that I consider must be linear and discrete. If we use "Custom Discrete State Space" and "Linearization" templates, does this mean that the model is linear/discrete and the measurements obtained from the revolute joint are also linear/discrete? Or do we need to follow another way? Still can we get the benefits of 3D visualization?


Thanks for your advise, but the algorithm is already discrete and I need for example "V(t-1)" together with "V(t)" at time t.

Hi Graham,


Basically, I am trying to apply an artificial intelligence algorithm to a walking humanoid robot. I started with a simple pendulum but to be honest I feel it is a really tough work as there is no similiar applications before. I will try to discover Modelica environment. I appreciate for your help...


All the best

Hi Graham,


I will follow your suggestion. Do you have any example for this in Maple/MapleSim or in their websites?


Thanks for your help

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