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Tank you.

But I prefer to change the Matlab procedure to

Matlab(...) to Matlab(...,file) and handle this inside the procedure.

Same for latex()

@Markiyan Hirnyk 

in minkowski space,you have 4 variable t,x,y,z

in Eucliduan space, you have only 3 variable , so we are in complite in deferent spaces.

Please look again on the geodetic equations.

The equation of motion are the geodetic equations, which is the shortest  distance 

between A and B.


@Markiyan Hirnyk 

well, The geodedic equations are different. please look at the link that I send you, how is the calculation of the geodetic equations. you start with the metric ,input, so for different metric you get different geodetic equations.

In minkowski space you need the so call signature this is the eta matrix in my program input.

You get also different geodetic line for sphere, torus, zylinder , hyperbola ......, what so ever. 

With this program that I put hear you can calculate the geodetic , equation of motions very easy.

Try to get the geodetic with maple programm with(tensor) ....., so you can see  how easy is it to use my programm.

If you have problem with it, I can send you the maple calculations my examples.


Best Regards



@Markiyan Hirnyk 


more references




@Markiyan Hirnyk 

Some reference




@Markiyan Hirny 

minkowski space is 4 dimensional Space.

The equation of Motion arme The geodetic line, you can calculate the equations with the metric and the chistofel symbols, but I am using different approach. Of course the result are the same.

I hope I could answer your quastion?

@John Fredsted 

o.k this is what I need perfect!


for Einstein Tensor

thank you


again, G is not the metric (input)! G is the output !



the results are table ,so how can I  can convert it to array? (Matrix) ?.

Thus is what I need

for example G is a 4x4 Matrix




what i meant is:

Everything works perfect.

The result that I get is file list.

I need it into array, let say G[4,4] for the result of Einstein field.

The program doesn't provide it?

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