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I've asked Maple to solve an equation, and the result is difficult to read because it is separating single variables into multiple multiplicative instances of that variable raised to different powers. Is there a way to tell Maple to combine all instances of a variable into one instance raised to the appropriate power?

I've already tried simplify.

For example:

pceq := (2/3)*Pi*G*rho^2*R^2:
pnonreleq := (1/5)*(3*Pi^2)^(2/3)*hbar^2*n^(5/3)/m:
rhocomposition := rho = m/((4/3)*Pi*R^3), n = Z*rho/(A*m_p):
obj := subs(rhocomposition, rhocomposition, pceq = pnonreleq):
req := R = simplify(solve(obj, R)[1]);

The above code produces 

In the first place, I can't see why Maple would show what should be (Z/A)^(5/3) as z^3 / (A * [A*Z^2]^(2/3)), but I'd like to somehow tell it to not break up the variables like this.

Is this possible? Thanks for the help.

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