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I get very different results when I run your code.  Also, even with the iteration limit set very high, I can't seem to escape the iterations error.  Can you post your full worksheet, and confirm which version of Maple you're using?

You seem to get a RoofOf-based solution for most fixed w (see attached).  This would indicate that the nature of the solutions are too varied for various values of alpha, A, J, and L to communicate with any degree of accuracy.  Do you have any information regarding the values of these variables?

If this FAQ page doesn't help, please send a screen shot of the window that keeps appearing to

Yes, and in that post, the first warning refers to a line in the matlabrc.m file.  The line numbers were not included in your post, so I don't know whether those are the lines just before it, just after it, etc. If you're confident that you've checked all relevant lines near 257 (the only line that I can see has been referenced), please send us the file ( so that we can take a closer look at it.  I also recommend trying


based on the format of the warnings you are seeing.

@daroloson just to clarify, is this the issue you are experiencing?  If so, does the solution they outline help?

@daroloson thanks for the info.  In the terminal, please try executing


anyway and see if it helps.  If not, since the connection you are trying to make is coming from Matlab, you may need to contact MathWorks for assistance.  Feel free to send us the commands that you are trying to enter in Matlab so that we can try to see if anything is out of place.

@daroloson Thanks for the additional information.

When both the Maple Toolbox for Matlab and Matlab's Symbolic Math Toolbox are installed, the error

The value ' ' is not valid for the environment variable MATLAB_SYMBOLIC

may be the result of environmental variables not being properly configured.

Please try the following:

  1. Open Maple, and execute the following commands:

    getenv( DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH );
    getenv( MAPLE );

    If the "MAPLE" path is not in the "DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH" path, then this is likely the source of the problem.

  2. Open a Terminal Window, and execute the following command to add the path:


    3. Test the connector.

Hi, thanks for posting on MaplePrimes. Since Maple 2017.0 was released after MATLAB R2017a, you may need to wait for an update from MathWorks, but can you please be more specific about how the link isn't working, and tell us which operating system you're using?  Be sure to include screen shots of any error messages that you encountered when trying to complete the link - feel free to contact us directly at


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