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@Carl Love Thank you so much, Sir. it works. Divided by R is right answer. I verified it.

@Carl Love  how to find roots of equation J0(xR) = 0 ,R is constant, using maple? I know command for zeros of Bessel function i.e J0(x) = 0.  but what to do with different argument? R is with in summation index of bessel function. also there is summation on these roots.  if x1, x2 ,..,xn are roots of eq. J0(xR) = 0 . what is command of xn

@Carl Love Are u sure? I think it does not make sense. acoording to definition of bessel function R is in summation of bessel function. in left hand side of eq.

J0(xR) = o, power of R varies w.r.t summation index. How can i divide root by single R. 

@Carl Love  I want to solve J0(Rx) = 0, where R is constant. command for J0(x)=0 is BesselJzeros(v,n) , v is order and n is index of root. in my fuction there is a summation on these roots and i have to plot it. where i can put R? plz guide me. Thank u so much.

@Carl Love 

R is with in summation index of bessel function. How can i divide by R? Thanks. 

I think it would not work.

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