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I would like to kow how I can remove the u2,1 and u3,1 from this matrix. I originally had it as a set of just  u2,1 and u3,1, but I converted it to a list, added the 1, because I needed it as the first value, and then converted it to a matrix. I now want to use the matrix for further calculations, but I dont know how to assign a name to it, and exlude the variable names within it.

I have attached the entire maple sheet, if you need some context. Also, if you see anything else that you think could be neater (I think I did a lot of things in a round-about way, because I haven't really used maple before), please let me know!


Thanks in advance!




Hi there,


I am trying to compute the following, and I am getting this error.


> A := map(convert, M, unit_free)*Unit('m'*(1/'s'^2));
(I had to put the Unit('m'*(1/'s'^2)) because the original units were kNm/s^2 (kg), and even though I simplified it, it's still using kNm/s^2, and leaves the m/s^2 for some reason when I try to remove the units. I tried simply changing the units on the original matrix, but the units menu has disappeared from the right-click menu!!)

> B := map(convert, K, unit_free);


Loading RealDomain;


Error, (in assuming) when calling 'Engine:-Dispatch'. Received: 'should not happen: Rename expects the input to contain unknown functions'

Why is it giving me this error? omega is an unknown variable that I am trying to solve for. I am going a modal analysis, so maybe there is a better way to find omega?


Any help appreciated!



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