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@Carl Love 

It wasn't working at first but I closed maple completely and reopened it and it worked. :)

I have the restart command at the beginning of the worksheet but for some reason I think it still recognises some variables that I have removed from the worksheet, unless I close maple completely. I'm not sure why that is.

Now I tried to apply the same command to the other two values of omega, and it's not working... everything is the same as the first one, so Im not sure why it won't work (and I tried restarting maple, so that is not the issue).

Here is the worksheet.


Thank you for your help with everything!!

EDIT: I realised the issue was with what I had named the variable. I had called the first solve function omega, which was not my intention!

@Carl Love 

Unfortunately it did not work... Do I put it right after, on the same line, or under, after running the operation of omega[1]? I tried both, and neither worked... :/

@Carl Love 

I managed to fix it, somehow. I have attached the worksheet! I realise I wasn't actually using the realdomain because I hadn't applied it to the equation. Other than that, maybe it was the other things I changed within the worksheet.


Thanks for your help!


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