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P[0] is the plot for sol[0].

plotofmaxmin is plot of all max and all min values there is a typo: it is plotofmaxmin := plot(ymaxval[i], yminval[i]);

Thank you

@Preben Alsholm 

Thank you for your reply.

What I am trying to do is to solve the ODE without randomness. Then to solve it with random A(t,r)= A+r to see the effect of randomness in the solution.

Plot both solution in on figure. I should have an area between the two plots that area represents the ranges of the 95% confidence intervals between highest and lowest simulation result at each time interval based on for example:100 runs.


Yes confidence=0.95 seams to be ignored. I read that the default actually is 95% confidence intervals in maple so I think we do not need that.


100 to have like 100 simulation.


Yes that is right I misspelling them and it just run fine which means they are ignored.


Thank you

 Very interesting! thank you so much.

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