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I am tring to do if–then–else in the do-loop for the parameter A[1]. Example: when k=3 we want to use A[1]=B[3] insted of B[1] but it seems my if–then–else did not do what I want. Any ideas?

Thank you

This is maple code:

> restart;
> k := 0; B[1] := 0.001/365: B[2] :=0.002/365:B[3] :=0.005/365:
> ode := diff(U(t), t) = -(A[1]+A[2]*U(t))*U(t);
> ic[0] := U(365*k) = 1000;


I am trying to do a do loop that solve ODEs with initials conditions but i am having problems asking my do loop to use what we get from first run to run the secound one.

For example:

for i from 1 to 10 do




end do;

so first when i =1 we get a b and c then for i=2 we want what we get from i=1 to do i=2 and so on. 

Is it possible to do such a do loop? to ask maple to save what it get from...


I am trying to run maple file for k=1, k=2 ....

My do-loop did not work. What I would like to do is to solve the ODE then have new inc and solve it again.

I should have U(405) then U(770) ....


> restart;

> with(DEtools); with(plots);

> lambda := 0.1; delta := .5;

tau := 40;

> for k to 3 do 365*k end do;

> ode := diff(U(t), t) = -lambda(t)*U(t)*U(t);

> inc1 := U(0) = 100;

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