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@Christian Wolinski 

What it mean?

fn_U := unapply(U, V, a, nu);

Eq_U := [D[1], D[2]](fn_U)(V, b, 1/3);

solve(Eq_U, [V]);

I mean why do u said lines above make maple solve problem? infact what these command do? epecially this command (

Eq_U := [D[1], D[2]](fn_U)(V, b, 1/3);




thanks for your answer

i want exam to do can send u for example


would u mind please tell me how can i send file of maple to another in here? i want send my code to someone not a photo of that

@Mariusz Iwaniuk

solve([A[1], A[2]], [f[0], f[2]]);

maple answer me "  [Length of output exceeds limit of 1000000]  "

then i reduced 2 equations to 1 equation but it cannt solve again and answer " rootof ". what i should do? also how can i send whole of my file code to u i try with upload image or ducument but it was impossibe



@Christian Wolinski 

hi i copy your code in maple but it dont answer and it again answer Rootof.what i should do?

i even reduce 2 equations to one equations but it cant solve it. by the way its a nonlinear algebra equation

@tomleslie Thanks for your help.

I also have another problem that its when i want write with another color i choice my favorite color but when i pressure enter key it again change to black color what i should do to in all of my program can write with my favorite color?

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