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These are questions asked by rightClick

that in Kip Thorne's book Maple is mentioned through out ?

Kip Thorne and Roger Blandford : "Modern Classical Physics: Optics, Fluids, Plasmas, Elasticity, Relativity, and Statistical Physics"

also, courtesy of Caltech in Chapter 24

For example, if a plot is generated and then changed with the manipulator, if !!! (execute entire worksheet) is pressed, I would like to signal Maple not to re-execute this specific command (or excecution group)--leave the plot as it is. This also would be useful if a Tutor is used and it returns a series of steps (after user i/o), it may be somehow marked so that this command line not to re-execute at a later date. Simply using the comment out symbol (#), of course, prevents re-execute but the previous result is removed.

Thank you for any info.

If in a .mw file I have a Document Block with about 10 statements in it, what is a way to split it into two blocks that execute seperately? Currently, hitting enter all statements execute.

("Document Block" is the term that shows up when I hover to the left of the text of interest.)

(I know I can cut and paste the last five statements into a new document block, but it seem that there may be an easier way.)

Thanks and Cheers in advance . . .

"Frame your math" does not work on a new iPhone XS; however, surprisingly, it work just fine on an old iPad (4th gen).

I am logged in. The app has access to the camera. The companion app does allow manual entry of equation to upload to the Maple cloud.

I expect it's something simple--like some sort of permissions setting, but I cannot find it . . .


BTW: The error is "The request timed out. Check your Internet connection."

In a plot command, how do I indicate not to show the legend ?

(I know about unchecking "show legend" with a right click, and I have searched mapleprimes.)


Thanks, all !

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