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Thanks @vv . Anyway I nned to write my own procedure for Apollonius problem.


Is there any chance Maple team will solve this bug?


Hi @vv 

I was afraid it is a bug in Maple. 

I have askes my friend to try this code in Maple 17. The result is even worse, since there is a definitely bug in Maple's sourcecode

intersection: there is no point of intersection
Error, (in geometry:-Apollonius) invalid input: op expects 1 or 2 arguments, but received 0

Is there any mechanism in Maple 14, like try-catch, so I could use Maple procedure until it crashes?

For example

try { A := Apollonius( c1, c2, c3 ); } catch ( Exception e )
# Maple has a bug, so I need to find Apollonius circles by myselt
A := MyApollonius( c1, c2, c3 );

Best regards

Rafał Nowak

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