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This is a simple algebraic, but I would like to know how to officially solve the problem,

I tried factor(6*a+12*b+18*c); it simply outputs what I input.

I tried primpart(6*a+12*b+18*c) ; the output is: a+2b+3c

I tried content(6*a+12*b+18*c), the output is 6

What I'm looking for an output is, 6*(a+2*b+3*c), this is the answer my Algebra book is looking for, I also get this answer by

using my HP Graphing Calculator, but I'm unable to get the answer from Maples. Can anyone help?

Hoe do you plot two vectors of data as a bar plot or historygram. I tried the statistics package but could not plot a bar plot that shows the proper relation of numbers in vector x to numbers in relation to vector y. Vector x contained years as data, and vector y contained for example crime data per year.

I have a formula, which is called the cube law. It requires input between 0 <= x <= 1. When creating  a procedure I run into all kinds of problems and get nothing but error codes. Trying to use assume works, it puts a tilde mark on the variable x, but doesn't restrict the input. Here is the formula the way it is writtin in a book on calculus:

f(x) := x^3/x^3+(1-x)^3 (0 <= x <= 1).

Trying to restrict the input to be restricted as required by the relational statement has been proven fruitless.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks,


When I am plotting functions with known asymptotes, they do not show, even though the text books show them.Also, I can use the Student Calculus1 Asymptote function to calculate that there is an asymptote, but when plotting, they don't show up.I perused plot/options but cannot find an option that I could enable/disable to have the asymptotes show in the graphs.

Is it possible to include a step in the range when plotting a function? For example, plot(sin(x)-1/2,x=-1000..1000, in steps of 10) or similar syntax.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks, rolf.

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