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hi! i get the following error when i try to see response to my thread coeff problem in maple 13. Fatal error: Call to undefined function getgif() in C:\xampp\htdocs\modules\maplemath\maplemath.module on line 30 how can i fix it?
hi! i've the following problem, that i can't figure out using maple. i've the following polynomial which i tried to extract the coefficients using maple con:=(-2/(3*lambda^3)+1/(30*lambda)+4/(5*lambda^5))*t^2+(-(1/2)*sqrt(2)/lambda^4+(1/3)*sqrt(2)/lambda^2)*t^(3/2)+(-1/(3*lambda)+2/(3*lambda^3))*t-(1/2)*sqrt(2)*sqrt(t)/lambda^2+1/lambda+(1/2)*sqrt(2)*ln(lambda)/sqrt(t) with the following command: sum(coeff(con,t^(-1/2+k)),k=0..3) but this does not work. however i'm able to extract the coefficiets if i.e. i specify the order of t. can anyone please help
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