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Dear friends, 

I have to select the last element of a remember table T from a recursive procedure. I've tried 



as this command works with rtables, as it is stated in Maple's online help page. However I receive no result. 

Can you please tell me how to obtain a correct result? 

Many thanks for the help. 

Dear friends, please I would like to ask for your help with the following problem: 

I need to invoke the number of elements of an Array working with parallel programming in the task programming model. I've tried to used the command rtable_num_elems as it is contained in the thread safe functions lists. However, Maple does not recognize it as I obtain the error "Bad index into array". Using the same code, I've substituted the array for a list and rtable_num_elems for nops and the code works perfectly. What could I be doing wrong? I need to use arrays given the extension of the data I'm handling. 

Many thanks for your kind help. 

Dear friends, please I would like to ask for your help with the following situation: 

Suppose I have an Array   A:=Array([4]);   and I have to take the element A[i], add 1 to it and then append it to A, with i = 1..3. The result would be, 

A:= [4 5 6 7] 

I do know how to perform the task with a for loop, however I know that for large i it is more advisable to use seq for speed reasons.   I cannot find the right syntax to perform such a task with seq. Could you please advise me how to do so? 

Many thanks for your help. 

Dear friends,

I'm trying to solve a linear system of PDEs. After applying the casesplit command Maple returns: 

diff(U, z, y, x, x) = 0; diff(G, y,y,z) = diff(U,x,y,z);  diff(G,x,y,z) = diff(U,x,x,z)     

(with U(x,y,z), G(x,y,z)) 

The solution to the first equation is U = F4(x, y)+ F3(x, z) + F2(y, z) + x*F1(y, z). 

However, given this solution, I cannot satisfy diff(G,x,y,z) = diff(U,x,x,z).  What could I be doing wrong? 

Many thanks for your help.  

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