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Hi all,

I've just added a reply to an old thread I opened some month ago, but I don't see the thread at the top of the recent questions. Where is it gone????

Should I re-open a thread?



ps the thread was this one:

Hi all,


I get this strange (to me) behavior:





parameters:= [SourcePosition[1],SourcePosition[2]]: 
 save parameters, "./parameter.txt";

save wanted_par, "./wanted_par.txt";

Hi all in my (very long) code I deal with many dozens of procedures that use a lot of global variables. I declare all of them in the classic way: a:=proc(b, ..., c) local ... global g1, g2, ..., gn; body end proc; I was wondering if there is a way to create a global variable containing the names (not the values) of the global variables, so that I can use this variable to pass all the global to the procedures, instead of having to write all of them every time... Thanks S.
Hi all I'd like to have a for that runs for the pilot index inside a list of names, and that saves, for each value of the index a variable in an outer file. My problem is that I want the both the variable's name and the file's name to contain the name of the index, and I cannot obtain this behavior, as save asks for a name, not a command. My code would be something like A:=[a,b,c]; for i in A do cat(Mickey_,i):= something; #### that will correctly create Michey_a, Michey_b and Michey_c
Hi everybody is there a built-in procedure that transforms a complex number in its exponential form: a+I*b -> sqrt(a+b) exp(I*arctan(b/a)) Tks S.
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