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Hi all I've a program running that has been stopped with the error Execution stopped: Stack limit reached. at that time the program was using memory used=480073.6MB, alloc=594.8MB, time=16330.02 The host computer has 16 CPUs and 50Gb of Ram, so I don't think the problem is the memory... Any hints? Thanks Salvo ps: I've found an old discussion about this problem, but it was very old (2005, M9) so I've thought I could open a this one.

Hi all

I've launched a maple program (.mpl) with the syntax someone suggested to me here in the forum:

nohup nice -n19 maple <name.mpl> out.out &

on a pc to whom I've access through a ssh tunnel.

The code begins with the lines:




... procedure declarations

... body of the program




Something strange seems to be happened, because the program hasn't accomplished all of his tasks.


I lunch a .mpl maple program in a bash shell.

Between the other things, the program shoud print in a file a line that gives the user informations about the elapsed time

I've put inthe code this line

printf("\n The total elapsed time has been of %d hour(s)  %d minute(s) and %a seconds \n",hou, mini,seci):

the problem is that the out file contains not only the formatted answer, but also the very call:

Hi I'm trying to do something that looks very simple, but I don't find a simple way to do it. In my program I've a procedure which pass to another procedure a variable that can in one of these form: 1) A:= 5*f^a * ln(f) 2) A:= 5*ln(f with "a" real (his value change and I don't know it in advance) and a real coeff (5 in this exemple) The next procedure, that use this variable should be capable to understand if f^a is present with a<>0 or with a=0 (ie not present), and should make different choices in the two cases. I don't know how to make this test. I've tried
Good morning I'm looking for the best way to create an array with four index, let's call it V_{ijkm}, knowing that it is completely independent from the order of the index (eg V_{1234}= V_{2134}= V_{4213} =etc) and that I must use nested for cycles to initialize it, instead of a indexing function I can't guess how to insert the knowledge that the order of index in unimportant in the code Thank for any hints s.v.
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