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Hi I've remarked something strange in a program I wrote. It's a mix of analytical and numerical computation, so that I use a value of Digits higher than the default, to improve and stabilize the results against floating numbers errors. What happens is that for Digits from 10 to 15 included, the time the PC needs to run the program increases reasonably, so that for Digits=15 it needs 10 minutes or so. But if I set Digits=16 the time rises exponentially, and becomes more than two days!!


I'm sorry if this is a silly question, but why if I assume


I can't use this information as a bolean test for an if cycle?


if a >0 then a end if;
Error, cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 0 < a

Thank for any hints



I want to tell to Maple how much centimers should be the windows of the plot output (or, even better,  of the grid, without considering the labels and title)

So that if I write for ex


I'm trying to use maple on a Dell with intel video chipset series 4, on a Fedora 11, and I get corrupted 3d graphics. I read this FAQ

(point 3) but it seems that no solutions exist.

I'm using the intel driver, this is the sheet of xorg.conf



I've got some problems with the upper limit of an integral, which is a (known) function of a parameter.

When I try to evaluate it for a particular value of the parameter (M), Maple does nothing:


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