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These are questions asked by sasomao


I'd want to labels the two axes of my desityplot with a greek letter (eta) and the calligraphy form of M (I mean the equivalent of the latex \mathcal{M}   )

I tried

P1:=densityplot(prova, a=0.16..0.25,b= 4..100,
grid=[25,25],   labels=["eta","M"], colourstyle=HUE,axes=box):


but in this way maple simply print eta (not the letter eta), If I leave the "" maple chose a like label (like the help page says).


I'd like to add to my density plots, a vertical bar in one of the sides of the grid,which contains the colour range used in the plot, and the numerical values associated with the colours (eg

How can I do that?

Additionally, can I plot in the same grid an one-dimensional function of one of the variable?





I was wondering how maple deals with the powers of a piecewise function. I've a piecewise function of f of thins kind

global Enn,f_a,f_b,f_c,alpha_var, Ell_lor,w_var;

piecewise(f<f_a, (f)^(-7/6), f< f_b and f >=f_a, alpha_var[1]^(-23/2)*(f/alpha_var[1])^(-2/3), f< f_c and f >= f_b, alpha_var[1]^(-7/6)*w_var*Ell_lor(f,alpha_var[2],alpha_var[3]))

end proc:

and then I must integrate A_eff^2 over a range of frequency which begins before f_a and ends at f_c


I'm sorry about the weird subject of this topic.

Somewher in my calculation with maple I expect to find integrals of products of derivatives of a function of (say) f and M other parameters (say a vector theta) , possibly with constant (symbolic) coefficients, times f^alpha  (alpha real. Something like

Int(  N* Diff(psi(f, theta_1, .., theta_M), theta_a))* Diff(psi(f, theta_1, .., theta_M), theta_b))* f^alpha)

(N is an unknown constant)
I want, if possible to tell to maple:



I don't find how to assume that the codomain of a function is the real range (0,infinity)

I want to define  g:= h-> A(h) and tell to maple that A(h) (or g(h) which is the same) is real for each h, even if the function A is still unknown.


Aditionally I can't undestand why I obtain


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