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These are questions asked by sasomao


The world has fallen over my head this morning when I discovered that the SAME maple input file, running on the same computer, had given different results. How can that  be possible???




In dealing with vertical range of 2D plots, the range goes from 10E-5 to 10E-3, in log-log mode, Maple choose to write 0. for the thickmarks below 0.001. I searched in the help without finding how to tell to Maple to eithere use exponential output for the axis ( 10^something) or the floating number form, but with more number after the comma (Digits is currently equal to ten).


I must work with the textual version of Maple, via ssh. My program asks for a lot of time (10^5 seconds) , so that  I usally let it to run all the night. What happens is that when the calculation is done, the ssh server close the connection due to time inactivity, and I can't either use the results or continue my work there.

My questions are then:

1) Can I set Maple to keep the connection alive?


I'm dealing with a symmetric matrix with numerical values, very high values, e.g. 10^(50), let's call it low_index

Maple computed the inverse with

up_index:= MatrixInverse(low_index);



I'm having problems with numerical integration in maple.

I've integrals of this kind


Int(6.989220000*10^12*f^(57/50)/(1.936774504*10^19+2.094942676*10^14*f^2-9.877129764*10^14*f^(107/50)+4.636748856*10^11*f^(207/50)-1.0261950*10^7*f^(307/50)+111.*f^(407/50)), f= 10...1000)

and Maple needs ages to give me a numerical answer (with value(%) ) . Am I doing something odd or it is a "normal" computing time?

I'm running maple in a 8GB RAM, 3Ghz quad core computer




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