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These are questions asked by segfault

In the Physics package.

How do I define arbitrary non-standard coordinates.

All that is available is the standard trivial cartesian, spherical and such coordinate systems.

Setup(Coordinatesystems = cartesian)

See e.g.

Before answering, Please Note,

Do not suggest I use

maple <filename.maple>

The conversion in maple to convert an ".mw" file in xmaple for a text file to be executed with

maple command

does not work and I therefore need a way to execute and operate a ".mw" workksheet straight in terminal without the need for X.

This is a Linux based question.

I have batches of about 50 maple processes that I run in parallel accross several 32-core and 64-core servers.
I am not using the built in spawning process commands, but rather run a new instance of maple.

Some of these batches need to be developed in xmaple it is just not feasable to do it in a text editor to be executed by "maple"


Is there any switches in maple that I can run a ".mw" maple file as a terminal operation without starting the interface ?

e.g. how can I run

xmaple <mystery switches>   such that the interface doesnt load but the file is executed completely in terminal without the need for X.


Simple question I cannot remember the solution of.

When I import "executable maple input" from a file, the content is imported as a string and therefore have quotation marks around the code if saved in a variable. It therefore wont execute.

How do you defeat quotation marks around  executable maple code with a command in order to execute the code ?

This is something that has been a problem using Maple for decades.

Is it at all possible to create indexed variables ?

R1, R2, R3 etc by defining for example R$index and then varying $index for 1.....n to get the required
R1,R2 .... Rn  I can assign to equations or filenames?

It will really simplify batch work.


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