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Thank you very much for your kind answer. Cannot thank you enough. That solves it.

I have been spending literally days reading the help, and did not even come across SubstituteTensorIndices.


It baffles me how

" restart;

 d_[alpha](Christoffel[~alpha, mu, nu]) - d_[nu](Christoffel[~alpha, mu, alpha]) + Christoffel[~beta, mu, nu]*Christoffel[~alpha, beta, alpha] - Christoffel[~beta, mu, alpha]*Christoffel[~alpha, nu, beta]


apparently, is soooo difficult for a Maplesoft employee to cut and paste the above into a worksheet.

Anyway, dont bother, I am tired of arguing.

The LaTeX conversion in Maple is basically entirely bunk.

It never worked properly in previous versions and now in Version 2022 it exports only the headers, with no equations or anything resembling the content of my worksheets.

It's really not working for LaTeX export.


I's ok, if you dont want to help I am perfectly fine with it.

I am not willing to post worksheets that are pre-publication, and you are intentionally trying to make me do that.

I posted the problem clearly, with an example. Just contract what I gave you.

right here for you.

d_[alpha](Christoffel[~alpha, mu, nu]) - d_[nu](Christoffel[~alpha, mu, alpha]) + Christoffel[~beta, mu, nu]*Christoffel[~alpha, beta, alpha] - Christoffel[~beta, mu, alpha]*Christoffel[~alpha, nu, beta]

It is that easy if you know how to cut and paste. It is easy to learn.

And no, the help pages you listed does not show contraction of my example in my original post in any way. I am familiar with all of them and  read them on and off for three days straight. That is just how it is.

Let someone else try who are willing to solve the problem. I would really appreciate that.


As I said, the Maple bug is not part of my question. I will contact Maple directly about that as it is an obvious bug that cannot be fixed here.

Otherwise, I posted a simple definition of the Ricci tensor.

You do not need more.

You paste what I copied above into a new worksheet, and add what you want in the preamble and show me how to contract over the alpha and beta indices. simple as that.

No need for cluttering worksheet.

I went through their Tensor/differential Geometry and Physics help pages, and nowhere could I find to contract tensor expressions.

Easy as that, we dont have to argue.



"It could be that there is a typesetting way to change a displayed symbol to something bigger. I have no idea how this could be applied to operators. "

This is what I am looking for.

Anyone know if I can substitute the dot currently used in Maple22 with an asterisk ?


You meant Maple 22  ?
I invert the colors for the Maple windows only with a compositor, so that I have at least eyes left after 6 hours.
Absolutely brutal that Maple Devs to this day fails to impliment eye-safe custom canvas and color schemes. I wonder if they even care ?

I use Linux
Here it is with white (blow-your-eyes-out) canvas straight vanilla as installed.

Same problem


Would be nice to have it like you show, as was the case by default in versions previous to 2022.

Look at the microscopics I have to deal with.

Image attached.


I asked them directly during 15 years several times.

They are just not interested.

So I have to ask users if they did not get to a creative solution, like you did as an example.


I wonder if they ever going to get seriious about bringing the interface into the 21st century.


That only contains .MAS.bak files and shows eg none of the files that are currently listed in the 10 file recents.

Doesnt work

How do I increase the list of 10 to list of say 100  ??

That is very handy thanks. Never came accross this command.


Thank you for your answer.
That is exactly what I want to avoid, as next line through e.g.  a simplification after manipulations, maple undo the expression straight back to cos^2x
Annoying as heck.

The use of "extraction" is an American thing.

It comes afaik, from slang developed in the financial industry. e.g To "extract wealth".

It refers more to preditory processes than e.g. mathematics.

Not very common to use extraction in this context in British english and mathematics or peaceful intellectual persuits.

So it is an americanism which became commonplace to use in the USA.

@Carl Love 
Thank you very much !!

Solved a huge aggravation I could not find a solution for.

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