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These are questions asked by shaif

I am trying to use Monte Carlo integration example given at:

After coding the procedure, the statement approxint(x^2, x = 1 .. 3)

gives error: Error, (in approxint) invalid input: `if` expects 3 arguments, but received 1

But I have used in exactly the same way as given in the page. What is the problem

I want to use Burr distribution and hence I am creating custom probability distribution. The pdf of Burr is not piecewise. It gives error.


burrpdf := alpha*k*((x-gamma)/beta)^(alpha-1)/beta(1+((x-gamma)/beta)^alpha)^(k+1)

burr_distribution := Statistics[Distribution](PDF = (alpha > 0, beta > 0, gamma > 0, k > 0), burrpdf)


Error, (in Statistics:-Distribution) invalid input: too many and/or wrong type of arguments passed to NewDistribution;

I am unable to compute integral, it displays the function itself.

burrpdf := alpha*k*((x-gamma)/beta)^(alpha-1)/beta(1+((x-gamma)/beta)^alpha)^(k+1)


mean_burr_temp := simplify(x*burrpdf)


int(mean_burr_temp, x = gamma .. t)

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