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How does Maple create a graph from a 100000 elements vector (or a function that outputs that values)?

Does it plot some and reject others? plot all on top of each other? How can I change this behaviour?

How could I crate a graph where for every interval I see the max and min values, as in the trading "bar" charts?
(or any other idea to visualize that much info without needing to previously calculate intervals, mins and maxs myself)


Imagine I want to calculate this loop:

nn := nextprime(10^100); zz := 1;

for ii from 0 to 100000 do zz := mod(zz^2+1, nn) end do;

How can I avoid that Maple prints every iteration? I just want Maple to do it quietly, storing the value and get the last zz value  just by evaluating zz after the loop ends.


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