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I have several functions that cannot be integrated analytically but are to be used (repeatedly!) in further integrations. I have created a table of values of these integrals for a mesh of parameter values.   If I then use the ArrayInterpolation function to compute just one value at one point - it's very inefficient - takes lot's of time...  

   What is the optimal way of defining "InterpolatingFunction"  (in the language of Mathematica)?  Are...

Hello!  Hoping that Maple 16 is now better with function compilation, I have compiled the rather simple function that returns the complex value.  As I understand from the code below, Maple automatically assumes the arguments to be complex.  That's fine.

The compiler gcc gives some errors:

/var/tmp/sergey-2181/_m71f6dec6b3c75a742676f2dcb3fa1864.c: In function ‘_c71f6dec6b3c75a742676f2dcb3fa1864’:


Maple 16 differs from Maple 15  (Linux, 64 bit )  in that the plots (both 2D and 3D) have all lines contoured in black.  

How to disable such new behaviour?

Sorry, I understand that my question sounds crazy, but that's what happened:

  I had a working Maple program  and Maple 15 installation on Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit

After I updated to Ubuntu 12.04 ,  Maple 15  starts, but returns almost all (except most primitive)  integrals unevaluated.

My old working worksheets not return all integrals unevaluated. 

Same with Maple 14. 

I have no idea what could have happened...

Question is very simple:

if I write square root as  f^(1/2) , then the compile function gives a error: 

Error, (in Print) rational numbers and arithmetic are not yet supported

if I write it as sqrt(f) then compile works.

But Maple seems to internally always convert sqrt(f) to f^(1/2). So, I am constantly getting the above error!

Is there a workaround? I have an impression of very poorly written Compile function....

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