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@Kitonum Thank you so much. It really does work. By the way, could you explain it, because I am confused about it a lot? I don't know why do like that? 

Thank you!! Could you give me an example or just give me a solution to my problem? Many Thx!

@Mariusz Iwaniuk  Thank you very much. I need to be more careful. 

@Mariusz Iwaniuk Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

@dharr you a kind man.

@Rouben Rostamian   Thank you very much. Actually, I am a beginner of Maple. Thanks for your detailed answer.

@tomleslie  I had downloaded it and preparing to learn it. thank you very much.

@Carl Love Actually, I was using the Multiple scale method to solve duffing equation. Now, I have conquered it already. The problem is that the edition of Maple, I updated the software and it does work. Thank you so much.

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