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Good afternoon everybody,


I have a question regarding the command matrixplot. I wrote a programm with two input parameters:




and I get a matrix [8x50] that I want plot.

The problem with matrixplot is that I get in the axis the number of rows and columns but I would like to put the value of v and k instead of the row/column's number. Someone knows how I can change that?

Good morning everbody,

I am currently trying to get string and numerical datas from a txt.file but I don't get how to do this.
I have done this in matlab but I would like to make it in maple.
I have read other post about the subject and try tried this command:

 fd := fopen(dataFile,READ,TEXT):
    theData:=readdata(fd,string, 3): # 3 columns


but it didn't help me.

Good afternoon everbody,

I am trying to make a rational interpolation from the data of a function (values of the function for different points).
I tried to do it with the RationalInterpolation command but it requires too much time. Then I chose to solve the problem with the NonlinearFit command but the result varies a lot if I a change the basic function I want to approach and I always get a warning message: limiting numer of iterations reached.

Good morning everybody,

I have to make the Inverse Laplace Transformation of a function which is too complicated and the only way I have is to make it from the points of the function (I can get a plot but maple cannot get the formal form of the function because it is just too big). Does a numerical method exist in maple which can make the Inversion only from the points of the function?

Thank you,


Good morning everyody,

I am trying to plot values saved in a vector but I always get the same message:
Error, (in plots:-pointplot) points cannot be converted to floating-point values
How can I fix it?



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