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@Carl Love you are right, thank you very much :)

@vv thank you for your answer.

What are the advantages of saving in a text file? I don' t know it.

@Rouben Rostamian  


I can' t still achieve because I don' t decide which calculations must be in the procedure.


@Rouben Rostamian thanks for your interest.

I want to animate the functions approximate_f and f in the worksheet where 0<=t<=1. 

Dear @Preben Alsholm, it is exactly the one I want.  Many many thanks to you (and  mmcdara 142)

Lastly,  do you know what are the simple methods in order to create a table as follows in Latex by using these datas which we derived in Maple? 

Thank you @Preben Alsholm.  But I am confused which commands (or lines) I must delete and which commands I must add. So, could you share the latest version of the code (as Maple file)?

@Rouben Rostamian  Thanks for your help. I wanted to use matrix multiplication. Now, I used "." instead of "*~". All right, what does *~ mean?

Thank you @Preben Alsholm. I asked analytical solution by hand or Maple, because I want to add this matrix equation the external forces which is matrix F(t) in the below pic. So, I changed the matrix P as below picture. But F(t) is unknown function now. So we can' t numerically solve it in maple, right? What do you suggest me to solve the new question? Thanks for your interest.


Many thanks, @Preben Alsholm. Many thanks...

Without using maple, how can we solve this problem? By the help of which methods? (analytical or numerical)

Thanks for the reply dear @Mariusz Iwaniuk. I am not so good in maple. But I will share my code effort about this question. 

@Preben Alsholm Your second command is exactly what I search :) Thank you very much.

But, I have another problem now.I have two plots including same labels. I combined them by command "plots:-display([plot1,plot2]);"  Label "Time t" appears, but the label including subscript don't.

It is bizarre that it works in the above example, but it doesn' t work in some examples. (I can' t share all of the code since the code will be published in the journal paper) But in shortly, labels:

(    where q:=2, labels=["Time t",typeset('w[1]'(q,t))]        )

I noticed that it is originated from "w[1]" . when I changed it with "m[1]" or "a[1]", It worked. Is there a bug?

Do you have any ideas about it?

@acer Thank you very much :)

@tomleslie thank you very much. Yes I did. It appears now.

What is the code for combining the two graphics? Is it plot([p1,p2], x=1..2) where p2 is another graphic?


@Thomas Richard Thank you very much. Horizontal label in my work is under the graphic. I want to carry location of the label,  how can we adjust locations of labels?

Is there anybody who is capable to tackle the issue?

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