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Consider the ring R of upper-triangular matrices over the field of 3 elements.  I would like to have a multiplication table for this ring. Is it possible to generate such a table in Maple?  Thank you.

I want to compute binomial coefficients mod 2 in Maple.  My numbers are getting big and the standard function binomial(n, k) is very slow. Is there a maple procedure or function which will be fast for computing this mod 2?  (I know how to do this theoretically, but not in maple.) Thank you for your help.

Dear Maple experts:

I have a very simple question:

I have a polynomial p(x) with integer coefficients and a prime p.  I want to reduce the exponents of this polynomial mod p.  So for example, if p(x) = 1 + x^3 + x^17 + x^19 and p is 17. Then I want Maple to output 1+x^3+1+x^2.

I know how to reduce the coefficients mod p, but not the exponents. Can someone suggest how I might go about doing this.  Thank you very much for your help.

Best wishes


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