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Hello, everyone! I would like to find a the unique, reduced grobner basis of a particular ideal. I know that gsolve in the old with(grobner) package would return this, but I can't decipher the documentation of the new with(Groebner) package to figure out how to do it.

If I have a list of polynomials and a given monomial order, I know that I can call:


my_gb := Basis(my_I, my_ord)

Hello, everyone! Given a polynomial: f := x^2*y + 10*z*w + 2*a*t I would like to know how many different variables appear in f. Is there a command I can use to do this? My actual polynomial is more like: f := x[1]^2*x[2] + x[127]*x[3] + ... Any help would be appreciated! Thank you very much, and happy holidays! Best, Susan
Hello, everyone! I have a very nice, very sparse linear system (only containing 1s and -1s, with at most 2 entries per column). Thus, I immediately thought to take advantage the SparseIterative (or SparseDirect) methods associated with LinearAlgebra,LinearSolve, but alas, it isn't quite working. This is what I loosely do: gen_linear_system := proc(... some parameters ...) ... ls_m := Matrix(len, total_var, datatype='integer[1]', storage='sparse'); ... (fill matrix with appropriate 1s and -1s) return ls_m; end proc; solve_linear_system := proc(system_matrix::Matrix)
Here is a baffling puzzle! I have two variables that look exactly the same when I print them, have the same type, but return different results when I put them into a function! Here is the unadulterated output straight from my maple window (Opps! I notice that they didn't copy into the post quite as they should... the floating 3s are actually v[1]^3 and v[8]^3 respectively. Sorry! I hope the problem is clear): > f; 3 3 c[22] v[8] + v[1] c[11] - c[22] - c[11] > g; 3 3 c[22] v[8] + v[1] c[11] - c[22] - c[11]
Hello! How can I repress those pesty: bytes used=19294939612, alloc=37348680, time=2193.37 messages from printing? words(0) doesn't seem to have any affect and gc(0) has been deprecated (that was what a book suggested). Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks! Susan
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