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so i'm trying to compute the determinant of a Matrix(7*7) to obtain a single equation ( dispersion equation ) that i need to use for further investigation.

But unfortunately for a certain value Bi=1(i need this value ) i get 0.it would be nice if some can help me 


hello dear maple maple users.

I'm trying to solve this system of equations using fsolve but i'm geting this unrealistic curve.

I don't know exactly how, can help me understand!!!!!.


hello dear fellows maple users,

I need help to find a relation between multiples expressions (A,B..etc) and one term (R). (otherwise, I want to write those expressions in terms of R).

#A is given by


#and R is defined as:


I hope I expressed myself clearly.

thank you for any help you can offer.

i wanna solve a system of equations using ''fsolve'', I have found this example:

fsolve({2*x-x*y=0,-y+3*x*y=0},{x,y}, {x=0.1..5,y=0..4});

but i wanna understand how does this work,and what is the signification of term 

thank you for your help.

I'm trying to solve this to set of equations :


EQ2 :=-1186578.220*R*k^2*wr-312683.0293*k^5-288960.9621*k^3*R:

using a loop for different value of R in the range this range (wr=0..10,k=0..10)

for i from 1 by 1 to 101 do R:=(i-1):S:=fsolve(eqns,{k, wr},{wr=0..10,k=0..10}):v(i):=(subs(S,(wr)));w(i):=(subs(S,(k)))end do:

but i get this instead :

Error, invalid input: subs received fsolve({-312683.0293*k^5, -1958143.922*k*wr+2468.8339*k^3*wr-0.9481118254e16*k^2-114000.8376*k^4}, {k, wr}, {k = 0 .. 10, wr = 0 .. 10}), which is not valid for its 1st argument

is there another way to solves this equations more easly .

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