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Thanks, could you tell me how to do that? Thanks a lot!
Sorry K should be a vector. Unfortunately unassign did not work. Is there another option? That is what maple says about K [[` 1 .. 1000 `Vector[row]],[`Data Type: `float[8]],[`Storage: `rectangular],[`Order: `Fortran_order]]
Yes that worked, thank you a lot The problem is with 2 matrixes in one graph it does not wirk? DO you know a solution for that? pointplot(M1,M2, style = line) did not work By the way the line draws one line from point 1 to 2 another from 2 to 3 and so on..... DO you know a way to approximate a curve through all these point? THank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
does not work with plot I get an error and I cannot plot the 2*2 matrix M1
thanks a lot :)!!!!!!!!!!!
I type in a procudre an dthe result of the procedure are two 2 Q1 and Q2. So do you know a command to display it in a new window? Thanks a lot

Dear experts, I used your suugestion > with(Statistics): > X := RandomVariable(Normal(0, 1)): > Y := RandomVariable(Normal(0, 1)): > rho:=0.5: > A := Sample(X, 10^5): > B := Sample(Y, 10^5): > C := rho*A + sqrt(1-rho^2)*B: But know I want to add on each C value 1000. That means C+1000 But when I type D:=1000+C I get an error ? Do you know a way to solve that?

Unfortunately this command gives me Error, (in rtable/Sum) invalid arguments do you knwo what I can change?
I just want to make an addition on the 1000 values of R2. That means R2 + mu1 with mu1 = 100
> with(ExcelTools); Export(R, "Employees.xls", 2); [Export, Import] Error, invalid input: ExcelTools:-Export expects its 1st argument, R, to be of type rtable, but received R R is in my case a matrix, but I still receie this error
and K1 is a matrix in my case
Mmh I use Maple 11. Maybe that is why it does not work when I just type in Export(R); There is no popup ....
What is an installation directory? Is it a part of Maple?
I tried this Export(R,"Employees.xls",2); but where can I find the file now? In order to open in Excel?
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