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I have problem that after using assume(...) and then use label such as (1.1)... then the assumptions are lost. Is it a bug?

Below is my attached worksheet (I used Maple 13 , I don't know if later version is better?)


Actually , the lost of assumptions will cause some problems such as make integration become unevaluated.... and will take you a hard time to debug...

After I excute : x^2+2*x+1;   and right click on the output then I saw the CompleteSquare option in the Context Menu but after I write  assume(x>0); and then right click on the output of x^2+2*x+1; then I didn't see this option (and there are only a few options appeared in the Context Menu compared to the case before using assume()). 

Sometimes It cause some inconvenience for me since I used Context Menu on outputs from previous lines in my worksheet...


I (used Maple12) tried to find the PDF(Y,y) when Y= tan(X) or Y= sin(X) but those cases give FAIL or wrong result


restart; with(Statistics):
X:= RandomVariable(Uniform(-Pi/4,Pi/4)):

PDF(2*X+1,y) ## work well


PDF(tan(X),y); # failed


======================== This code will give error ============






I  used Maple12 and had a hard time debugging my code to find the error . Finally, I found that when we assign the name i a value, then the RandomVariable(ProbabilityTable([...]) will give error message below:

Error, (in Statistics:-Distribution...


How could we know which command to use to do a specific task such as:  "convert boolean value to {1,0}" . I know we could use evalhf() but if we search with keyword "convert true false to 0 1 " in the Maple help then we may not find the right command

Using the Online Help is a solution but I want to know an offline solution since I am not always with the Internet. Did anyone wrote a summary sheet with the content such as : (i.e a list of all commands with keywords for searching)

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