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I have a matirx

where ci and si represent cos(θi) and sin(θi), respectively. I need to substitute

What is the right way of using trigsubs command?


I am trying to model a parallel manipulator but I am receiving an error message

State variable'diff(diff(`Main.R41.theta`(t),t),t)' does not appear in dynamic or constraint equations.

I tried changing the Revolute joint 41 but the same error is repeated. 

You can find my model here: ParalelManipulator_v2.msim

Can you help me solve this issue? Thank you in advance!

Dear All,

I wanted to check the calcultations carried out in a Journal Article I was reading as I was not very convinced.

The objective is to find q1i, q2i, q3i in terms of px, py, and pz and constant parameters φ, a, b, h, and r.

I have realised that the results given by the article do not match with the solution to the dsolve command.

Could you please spot where the mistake is?

My Solution: IK_equations.mw

Hello everyone,

I have modeled a parallel manipulator using MapleSim 6.4 and it is giving me an error.


The types of joint are shown by the visual below. Note that in my model I have used a universal joint or two coinciding revolute joints instead of a speherical joint.

Hello everyone,

I know that it is possible to obtain the DH parameters of a robot manipulator model in the MapleSim environment.

I was wondering if it is possible to obtain the Jacobian matrix of a robot manipulator from the MapleSim model?

Thank you,


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