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Hello everyone,

I am trying to solve a differential equation using dsolve command for laplace transform.

In Equation 2, a is a constant and x(t), b(t), u(t) are functions.

What is the "_U1" in the output (4)? Is it because I have defined x(t), b(t), u(t) as functions?

Thank you in advance!

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to define a short hand notation for sine and cosine functions and make the output expressed in terms of the defined notation?

For example the matrix below uses c1 instead of cos(theta1) and s2 instead of sin(theta2).

The reason I want to do this is that I am dealing with really long matrices and I need some sort of way to minimize the expressions.

Thank you!


I tried to solve 4 simultaneous equations but the result is an empty matrix.

Is that because there is no solution or did I make something wrong?

You can download the file by using the link below.


I have recently reinstalled the MapleSim 6.4 but the probe windows do not appeaar anymore.

The image below shows that there are 3 probes (none are disabled) and when I run the simulation nothing happens.,

Dear All,

This is probably an easy issue to solve.

I have imported an .xls file using the 1D lookup table.

I need the signal to be executed for 4 seconds which is also how long my simulation duration is.

So I set the Ramp height and rise time to 4s. For some reason when I display the signal using a probe it gives me the constant value of the first row of my Excel sheet. I need help to solve this! I have provided some visuals below.

Thank you for your time!


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