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@vv Thanks it works but why...

@vv Sorry, no actually. 20 minutes passed and it is still evaluating...

@vv thanks, I made a mistake, it should be evalf(Int(z*PDF(0.3*p1+0.7*p2, z, inert), z = 0 .. 1));

@Thomas Richard You see the plot is in the style of @"pointline", but in the legend it is "line"...


What if I prefer my paper printed in black-white style...

linestyle is still not pretty in the case of there is horizontal line ( which will overlap with the gridlines... )

@acer Yes, sorry for being misleading.

@Rouben Rostamian  But I got a error:

Error, (in fsolve) yval is in the equation, and is not solved for


@Rouben Rostamian  Thanks. But I do not know the colse form of f(x,y), rather there is a fsovle(x,y) in the expression of f(x,y).


Hi Thanks for the reply. The p is a function itself caculated by fsolve, i.e. f(x,y)=x-y+p(x,y) where there is a fsolve in p(x,y).

@Carl Love 

Thanks for your helpful reply. The first question is solved.

Could you please explain more how to plot the ProbabilityFunction for R1, and R1+R2?

i am thinking something like: plot(ProbabilityFunction(R1,x))

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