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hello maple support,what is the best way to solve for multiple numbers, ie the equation isx/x+1 i can plot it but i want to solve for . and 1.5,1.1,1.01 and 1.001.i have tried a number of ways and browsed tutorials on you tube and some pdfs.it is time for help on solving for multiple quantities.thanks,craig

hello support,brand new to maple. i am trying to plot the solution for the functions cosx=x. if i set these both like so: y = cosx and y=x.orf:=cos(x);f:=x;it will plot the cosine function.how do i plot these in maple 17, i tried using the graphing calculator also that comes with maple 17 but that for some reason will not allow me to type an equal sign , i looked over the web for a solution.so i pose the question why the graphing calculator will not accept the "=" sign???thanks,noobie craig

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