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Hello, everyone. I encountered one question on simplification.

I don't know how to plug the conditions

x1^2+y1^2=r^2, x2^2+y2^2=r^2,x3^2+y3^2=r^2,x4^2+y4^2=r^2

and further simplify the formula

4*x1*x2^2*x3 - 4*x1*x2*x3*x4 + 4*x1*x3*y2^2 - 4*x1*x3*y2*y4 - 4*x2^2*x3^2 - 4*x2^2*y2^2 + 4*x2^2*y2*y4 + 4*x2*x3^2*x4 + 4*x2*x4*y2^2 - 4*x2*x4*y2*y4 - 4*x3^2*y2^2 + 4*x3^2*y2*y4 - 4*y2^4 + 8*y2^3*y4 - 4*y2^2*y4^2.

Thank you very much!

Hello, everyone! The following results about r has many. I want to put the results together(assume they are equal to  zero) and solve them. So my questions are how to put the results together and solve them? Thank you very much! And have a good day!

restart; w:=1/(4*(exp(1/2)+exp(-1/2))+2*(exp(1/2)+exp(-1/2))^2): g1:=x->sum(a[i]*x^i,i=0..50): for j from 0 to 50 do r:=(1/2+w)*(g1(j+1)+g1(j))-w*(g1(j-1)+g1(j+2))-g1(2*j+1): end do

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